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Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks

FEAT Canada 2014

I love TED Talks. An amazing things happen when you put smart people in a room together and let them share ideas. Those ideas create conversations, which leads to action and progress towards a better world. On March 7th, I will be in Vancouver to attend a similar event called FEAT (“Fascinating Expedition & Adventure ...

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Your Work As A Reflection of Yourself

The Bobs

How do you describe to others what you do? My recent career transition has led many acquaintances (and some family members) to ask, “so, what is it you do EXACTLY?” This ubiquitous cocktail party question, within a single sentence, determines whether the inquisitor is interested in continuing the conversation; or  begins plotting their escape route ...

6 mins

Learning To Fly

Long before the sun began to rise, I found myself sitting on the peak of a trail overlooking the city of Spring Hill. To my left are the shimmering lights of the city below, barely stirring.  To my right is an array of unspoiled majestic rolling hills, iconic to the state of Tennessee. My intention this morning was to deliver ...

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70 Mile Fun Run/Bike Along the Trace


Last week I intended to head out for a fun trail run and bike ride along the trace. However, after unsuccessfully trying every bike shop in town to find a set of Bar Mitts to combat temperatures in the low 20’s, I instead decided to shelve the idea of biking in that weather altogether. Or ...

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A Runner’s Year in Cycling

While my running accomplishments from 2013 were limited, amidst a few disappointing setbacks I did manage to complete both my first century (100 mile) bike ride, as well as a 30 hour adventure race; checking off two (non-running) events from my bucket list.

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