Senior Interaction Designer

Marc Krejci - About

👋 Hi, great to meet!


I'm a product designer of human experiences through digital creations. Professional with over 10 years of leading digital product development efforts across agency, start-up and corporate enterprise environments. Emphasis on rapidly iterating early concepts towards viable innovations.

As a connector and community builder, I regularly host large gatherings and hackathons at Google and other Bay Area campuses targeting the technical creatives.

For fun, I enjoy running mountains and am in the process of completing all of the Bay Area Ridge Trails in the San Francisco area, and am still the only person known to have run the entire Natchez Trace Parkway. You can follow my various adventures on Instagram or Strava.

Currently, I work as the Founder/CTO of, engineering all design and development efforts across a platform that automates video post-production of UGC for brands.