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75 Days To Go

I was in Asheville for the weekend and decided to do my run out on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Last time I was in town I ran a different section... apparently the non-hilly section. This run felt like it as up hill the entire way and had several thousand feet of elevation change. It wad a wet and rainy day, but that only moderately spoiled the vistas. It was still full of spectacular views! Have been long overdue for another video update, so thought I'd pull over for a few minutes and give an update of my progress and training for the upcoming Race The Trace event, now only 75 days away! (Sorry for the poor video, didn't know the fog would have that kind of effect on the auto-focus.) The website,, should be live at anytime so please leave your email address to receive updates.

We are still in need of an RV camper for the run, so if you know somebody that has one we could borrow or lease, please let me know!

When running the Trace, I hope to be uploading podcasts every day. So between now and then, I am going to try my hardest to record new content at least once a week leading up to the event.

Thanks again for watching and supporting!