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Breastfeeding and Barefooting

Barefoot running has been getting a lot of attention lately from the press who seem mostly curious about the whole phenomenon, shoe manufactures who mostly defend their products, and now some retailers who seem outright scared of losing their customers and have resorted to fear-mongering in some cases. This video presents my perspective on the whole matter in response to a few other posts online addressing this issue, namely:

I believe every runner should decide for themselves what is best for their own body and not be afraid to experiment with new techniques and forms until they find their perfect gait. Notice, in the previous sentence I never mentioned the word barefoot or shoes! Whatever it takes to get to your optimal running form and technique… do that. For me, barefooting as been a tremendous asset in learning how to hold my posture when running and it will continue to be a part of my toolbox for the foreseeable future.