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Mile 84 - 114 Jackson MS

Now in the fifth day of the event, we're starting to catch our grove of the event. Being the middle of July in Mississippi, I've learned that the earlier I can get moving in the morning, the better. It is hot, hot, hot out there! This was a busy run going through the middle of Jackson, MS but we're now officially 25% of the way complete with the run (having passed mile post 111), which is extremely motivating! Not to mention the beautiful run along the waterside of a lake just north of the city. We were able to stay in a nice air conditioned hotel room suite which made for some very nice recovery time, especially after a 12pm finish for the day. Thanks for all of your support, please go to and support a mile today

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Mile 204-215 Tornado Disaster

We had to change our plans a little bit because part of the Trace is being closed for cleanup due to the largest tornado outbreak in US history.

So after running the first leg of the Trace, we got up the next morning and drove up to mile 204 before they close it until late fall. That being the case, we got a later start than we would have wanted so this ended up being one of the hottest runs I have ever done!

That combined with the relentless sun (no trees for shade, as they were all demolished during the storm) made for an excruciating 11 mile run.

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Mile 0-28 The Journey Begins

This weekend we officially began the first ever running of the Natchez Trace Parkway! The run was fraught with late starts, and extreme heat. We did the best we could and, at the very least, got this event started and underway. Clearly this is not a speed record, as I am only able to currently run on the weekends. That thought was very comforting to me as I was out in the extreme southern humidity.

We've had some amazing folks already step up and support some miles. Please consider sponsoring a mile of this run at

Thanks for all of your support!

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