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35 Years, 35 Miles

As a way of celebrating my 35th birthday, I decided a couple of days ago to run my age in miles for my birthday today. So early this morning I headed over to the nearby mountain ridge and did a 35 mile out-and-back run through three different trail systems (QuicksilverSierra Azul, and Lexington Reservoir).

If the mileage was the only goal, a more sane person would have simply picked a flat route. I, however, wanted to run this section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail anyways so selecting the route was easy. Running it was pretty tough though. At the mid-point, turning around and heading straight up that gnarly hill completely wiped me out. In the end I finished in just under six hours, which isn't too terrible after climbing a total of 7,769ft:

I was carrying around 50oz of water and sadly around mile 28 I completely ran out of fluids. You're thinking, "hey, it's near the end of your run, no big deal" right? Well, I wasn't necessarily fully in shape do do such a run, on the second-half I was walking a lot and was feeling desperate. Fortunately, as soon as I got back into Quicksilver, there were a few angel hikers who kindly topped off my water bottles with excess from theirs. Thank God!

Anyways, it was a ton of fun and a possibly a great new tradition I've started! We'll see how I do in my 80's. Ha!