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Your Work As A Reflection of Yourself

How do you describe to others what you do? My recent career transition has led many acquaintances (and some family members) to ask, "so, what is it you do EXACTLY?" This ubiquitous cocktail party question, within a single sentence, determines whether the inquisitor is interested in continuing the conversation; or  begins plotting their escape route out of the conversation.

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How I Used My "Phone" In One Day

There was nothing particularly special about Tuesday. It was a pretty mundane run-of-the-mill day. I didn't travel anywhere, or attend a special event. This made it a perfect day for an experiment I had been thinking about conducting for a while. We all know that we rarely use the phones in our pockets for actual phone calls, but I was curious to what extent this was true. So I decided I would pick a completely random day and log every activity I used my "phone" for throughout the course of the day.

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Nashville Hacker Scouts

About a month ago, I was tremendously inspired by this story on NPR about folks around the country creating "Scoutlike groups that concentrate on technology and do-it-yourself projects " as opposed to following the traditional Boy Scout format for their children. After much searching, I haven't been able to identify any group in the Nashville area offering something like this. So, I am currently considering starting one from scratch with like-minded parents in the area. Would you be interested in joining a Google+ Hangout to brainstorm putting together a co-ed hacker scout group in Nashville for kids ages 6-14?

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