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The First Person to Ever Stand Here

This morning I completed the Sweeny Ridge to Milagra Ridge segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trails; moving me well past the 50% mark of having run all 350 miles of the trail system to date. You can follow my progress HERE.

This ridge-line segment (mostly a dirt road) gave way to awesome views of the Pacific Ocean about midway up the run. It was a beautiful site cresting the hills to see simultaneous views of the Bay and the sea.

Along the way I accidentally stumbled across this great little monument (you can see in the video) that recognizes this location as the exact spot early explorers of The Portolá Expedition stood when they discovered the San Francisco Bay in 1769. It was a wonderful site!

The monument inscription reads the following:

“In memory of Carl Patrick McCarthy whose dedicated efforts for national recognition of the Portolá Expedition’s discover of San Francisco Bay in 1769 included personally bringing 11,863 visitors to this Discovery Site and presenting the Expedition’s history in pictures to 9,343 between 1966 and his death October 15, 1981.”