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70 Mile Fun Run/Bike Along the Trace


Last week I intended to head out for a fun trail run and bike ride along the trace. However, after unsuccessfully trying every bike shop in town to find a set of Bar Mitts to combat temperatures in the low 20's, I instead decided to shelve the idea of biking in that weather altogether. Or at least until I was more prepared for it (I about froze my fingers off on a similar ride a few weeks ago). Instead, I decided to explore some trails around the Williamsport Lake area. These trails were magnificently rugged, winding around the park through a series horse paths (green blazes), deer trails (pink marking tape) and jeep roads. Forget trying to PR on any of these trails; keeping track of it is challenging enough! I will most certainly be frequenting this area again for my spring training.

All of that being said, I still plan on doing this trail run (20mi) and road ride (50mi) along the trace sometime soon. It looks like it would be a blast! I wouldn't mind doing it alone, but I had a few folks indicate they would enjoy tagging along for all or part of this route.

If you are at all interested in participating for all or even just portion of this run/ride, please leave a comment below and I'll try to formalize something on a Saturday in the coming weeks.

Some ideas of how you could participate:

  • Run and ride the entire 70 miles
  • Just run the 20 miles on the Highland Rim Trail (if more folks than just me participate, we could arrange a ride back down to your car)
  • You could run ~12 miles if you jump in and join us around Hwy 7 to Garrison Creek
  • Ride 30 miles to/from Garrison Creek (stopping off at Loveless for a bit)
  • Ride all 50 miles (can arrange a ride back up to Garrison Creek)

Before I considered opening this up to other people, I put together an extremely conservative timetable to get a sense of how long the event could take me door-to-door from my home. You can see this tentative schedule below. If you were to join in, the important parts would be the start and end times of the run/ride. This would obviously vary by the pace of the group, but not bad for a rough estimate.

Miles Start Time Elapsed Time Finish Time Ft Climbed
Drive to bike drop 26 6:00 0:30 6:30
Prep 0 6:30 0:15 6:45
Drive to start 20 6:45 0:30 7:15
Prep 0 7:15 0:15 7:30
Run to bike drop 20 7:30 4:00 11:30 1,000
Prep 0 11:30 0:15 11:45
Bike to Loveless 15 11:45 1:00 12:45 548
Rest 0 12:45 0:30 13:15
Bike to finish 35 13:15 2:30 15:45 1,460
Cool down / pack 0 15:45 0:30 16:15
Drive home 29 16:15 0:45 17:00
TOTAL 145 6:00 11:00 17:00 3,008
Activity 70 7:30 3008
Driving 75 1:45

The basic idea being that this is just a casual all-day multisport event. Like a fat ass run or randonneuring on a bike, this wouldn't be a race or a competition, just a fun way for endurance junkies to spend the entire day on the road and trail outside.

If this sounds interesting to you in the slightest, please leave a comment below and I'll arrange something as a group in the coming weeks.

Lets do this!