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Blind Wine Birthday Party

For my 30th Birthday (which was June 3rd) a bunch of our friends gathered at Arrington Vineyards to celebrate with a blind wine tasting. It was an amazing time with a small intimate group of friends and we had a wonderful time! Thank you again to all who came out and celebrated with us!  What an amazing time!  For those that weren't able to make it, we've had a number of requests to do another one and will probably aim to host another sometime in the fall.

If you've never heard of a "blind wine tasting" before, I have included all of the details about the event that were included in the invitation below.

Original Invitation

Please join us in celebrating Marc's 30 years on this earth at Arrington Vineyard's for a blind wine tasting on Friday, June the 4th from 5pm onward!

If you haven't had a chance to make it out to Arrington yet, this would be a great excuse to do so.

What is a blind wine tasting party?  Basically, everyone brings a bottle of wine and we hide them in paper bags. Everyone then samples each varietal, rating the wine on a 3x5 card. At the end of the night we tally everyone's card and reveal which wine was the crowd's most and least favorite and all of the info on that wine.

Why?  Because Marc likes wine and you should too!  What a great way to experiment with your palette and discover new things, all while socializing with friends!

How will it work:

  1. You purchase a unique wine varietal to bring (please use the "not-yet-purchased" list in the invitation) at your favorite wine shop (or Arrington directly).
  2. Deliver it to our house anytime before the party (or show up early to Arrington the day of the party).
  3. Be sure to leave us the receipt!
  4. We will wrap each bottle in a paper bag, and assign it a unique identification number like R2 or W1, etc (R=red, W=white).
  5. A master list of all wines will be kept. Who brought it, varietal, vintage, store and price.
  6. At the party, every person will be provided their own notecard for comments and ratings of each wine (1= awful, 2= tolerable, 3=good, 4=great, 5=amazing).
  7. You will receive one wine glass that will be your only glass for the whole night. Feel free to rinse regularly and don't feel obligated to finish something you don't like!
  8. Throughout the evening, you will casually drink and rate each wine at your own pace, in any order you please.
  9. At the end of the evening, we will collect everyone's comments and ratings then announce to the group the winners and losers!

Additional Information:

  • To ensure that a diverse group of wines are available, please ONLYpurchase a varietal that you select from the invitation page.
  • Try to find something unique and that looks interesting to you.
  • Suggested maximum price of $20.
  • At least one bottle per couple, but you're welcome to pick up as many varietals as you wish!
  • We will provide the paper bags for your bottle.
  • Wine glasses will be provided.
  • Dinner and snacks will be provided (and additional drinking water too).
  • Your wine bottle and your presence will be considered your gift.
  • If you will not be able to make it at the party until after 5pm, no worries! But be sure to drop off you bottle at the Krejci's before the 4th.
  • We are not bringing our children, but we will not discourage you from bringing yours if you so desire. Arrington Vineyards is a family friendly atmosphere.
  • We'll be sitting out on the lawn overlooking gorgeous Tennessee rolling hills. Please feel free to bring chairs or blankets.

Recommended wine shops:

  1. Arrington Vineyards (if a varietal they offer is still needed)
  2. Station Wine & Spirits (Spring Hill)
  3. Cool Springs Wine & Spirits
  4. Brentwood Wine & Spirits
  5. Frugal MacDoogal (Nashville)