If Jesus were an alien, would he have a brother?

On a long drive this past weekend I listened to Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" which scientifically explores all things in the known universe from distant galaxies to micro organisms. Prior to this I listened to William Young's book, "The Shack" which personifies the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) when they visit a man full of grief and sadness after his child has been abducted. These overlapping thoughts from the vastness of our universe to our relationship with the Trinity left me with an unusual ponderance... Assume for a moment the remote possibility that another intelligent life-form could exist somewhere in another galaxy. What would be the likelihood that our celestial in-laws would closely resemble the Homo Sapiens we know and love, thus share the same physical form that we recognize in Jesus Christ? Or, would the physical embodiment of Jesus simply be relative to the society God is seeking to have a relationship with?

Therefore, if Jesus' physical form were relative, and other intelligent life-forms took on different features, would there be multiple embodiments of Jesus upon entering the pearly gates (assuming that all of our 'celestial in-laws' would share the same heaven) so that the people he reached would recognize him? However, if the Jesus in the Holy Trinity is absolute (a literal singular figurehead embodiment) wouldn't the various physical forms more closely align him to the Holy Spirit?

Maybe I'm just being too literal. I don't have a stance one way or another as to whether I think there are other intelligent lifeforms out there somewhere, but I wouldn't begin to try and put God in a box.

It's kind of a fun mental exercise nonetheless!