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Is podcasting in trouble?

(Start the video at 2:04:36 - embed did't work properly) Today I was listening to the most recent TWIT episode, when at the very end Leo hesitantly brought up a recent lawsuit from a company called Personal Audio that has been systematically suing many content producers including the Discovery Channel (How Stuff Works) and the Adam Carolla Show among others.

Personal Audio claims that they invented "podcasting" back in 1996, and in 2011 they won a junction against Apple for $8M.

On the onset, this company seems to simply be a patent troll. But given the success of their lawsuit with Apple, and the fervor at which they're suing now, I have to wonder if this will have any impact on the industry as a whole. If content producers have to pay a licensing fee to produce their work, I would imagine far less people will get involved in the medium.

What do you think: is this a potentially serious blow to the podcasting world, or simply a flash-in-the-pan patent troll acting up?