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My boys are adorable!

This post is from Keri Kay Photography. Thanks so much Keri for taking these amazing photos of our boys!

When I first laid eyes on these people, I somehow KNEW we would have a blast.  There was so much fun and carrying on… the boys barely noticed that I had a camera in my face.  Cute brothers!!

And all together, they make for a really cute family:

One of my goals in life is to get a great family photo like that of my own family… a goal that most people would understandably assume to be an easy one to obtain/reach/achieve… but naw… That would require finding time to get around to it!  (Note to self:  Book appointment with…self.) 

Then we have a SWEET baby brother growing faster than his parents can imagine,  so I was so glad I was able to work them in for this session.  I love how his new little tooth made a debut just in time for these photos:

Happiest baby on the block?  I think SO:

Little Mr. 3-year-old with big-kid hair (that I tried to mimic for my own son, but it turned into a sticky mess) was having so much fun, he never realized I was taking pictures.  He reminds me of the little boy in the book, “I Love You Through and Through” by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak.  He wanted me to give him a great big hug here:

Okay, okay… truth be known, he really just wanted me to launch some balls at him.

Request fulfilled.  INCOMING!

And let me tell you something.  Boy can swing.  He only held this bat for about 60 seconds because his parents were worried something would end up getting broken.  I love how this turned out:

It was soooo nice to meet you all.  What wonderful, well-behaved little ones you have.  I had so much fun laughing with you.  I want you to know… I spent hours sorting through your photos trying to decide on some favorites to work on for this blog… I almost had to use the eeny-meeny-miney-moe method.  I hope you enjoy your preview- I appreciate your extreme patience… the rest will be finished soon!

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