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Nate is extremely distraught, but okay. No X-ray or stitches required.

Thanks all for your prayers. Nothing is more nerve racking than having to rush your child to the emergency room. Nate was trying to walk between the island and dishwasher and tripped and fell head first into the corner of the island. He does this sort of thing a lot zoning initially wasn't that worried. But within seconds a MASSIVE welt started appearing and the screaming just got worse. So, everyone to the car! Unfortunately, our ER is a 20-30 min drive away. Very unsettling!

As the doctors checked him out he was tracking just fine (following light and objects) and wasn't vomiting or showing signs of a fever. So, we are just giving Tylenol and a cold compress for a while. Of course this would happen as we were trying to head out the door for Easter weekend. Oh well, bit of a late start.

I think part of the problem is that his equilibrium is way off and his ears are in so much pain from infections. Fortunately he is getting tubes put in on Tuesday.

Poor guy!

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