Senior Product Designer


Turn Signals

I have a theory... maybe it's just that I have spent too much time in the car, but here goes anyway: Turn signals are like punctuation marks...

  1. PERIOD - This is a definite statement... aka I'm coming over one way or another, like it or not... and they just turn AS they are already moving.
  2. EXCLAMATION MARK - Similar to the 'period' actions, but with a lot more NASCAR-like movements... VERY aggressive.
  3. QUESTION MARK - Like asking a question. They will turn on their signal, and then wait for a response from the other driver to come over. But they WILL NOT move until they get the... "yes Mr. driver, it is okay for you to come in my lane now."
  4. PARENTHESIS - These people are already in your lane when they put on their signal... It's almost an after thought. "By the way, I'm coming over 2 seconds ago."
  5. ELLIPSES (or ...) - This is the person that, once they start merging, they take WAY TOO lone to get over! It takes them almost an entire mile to move over one lane.
  6. APOSTROPHE - Apostrophes are used to show ownership. These drivers will use their signal to cross MULTIPLE LANES of the road instead of one at a time.
  7. $#&*% - These people don't use their signal. It's almost a... "screw you, this is my road not yours, I'm coming over now, so YOU need to move for ME."