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Uganda Trip Update

Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued support in my effort to go to Uganda with The GO Network to help and further support the efforts of The Affero Project!  It is now only a matter of days before I step on the plane heading to Africa.  I am extremely excited!

Lisa is sad to see me go for two weeks, but it looks like she'll have some family/friends come stay at the house to keep her company and help around the house.

I have already begun packing my bags and received most of my vaccination shots.  I will be heading off in a few minutes today to get the remainder of them.

I just wanted to give everybody a quick update about the trip and share with you our travel itinerary for the journey.  Below, I have added a link to all of the organizations that we will be meeting with if you would like to learn more about any of them.

I expect this trip will be a life-changing experience.  It will enable me to better understand the needs and issues around fighting global injustice and poverty as I continue to work with The Affero Project.


June 13-14: Arrive Kampala, Settle in, visit Watoto Projects and ministry with Empower A Child at their orphanage.

June 15: Drive to Mbale. Cure International has a hospital out there which does surgeries with kids with club foot, cleft pallate etc. Spend the day with the afternoon with the ministry and with the kids. Spend the night in Mbale.

June 16-17: Drive to Lira, Uganda (Small town where Lifewater International has water projects). Spend the day with Lifewater visiting the communities they have been working in and seeing their work, how water projects have restored communities etc. Late afternoon or early evening drive to Gulu and spend the night

June 18-19: Gulu, Uganda (The area where the LRA war happened, child soldiers and modern day slavery) - Visit with Invisible Children and their projects, Visit with Mocha Club/Watoto and their projects, and possibly a visit with "Village of Hope".

June 19: Afternoon drive to Murchison Falls National Park and spend the night.

June 20: Early morning game drive and afternoon Nile Boat Ride at Murchison Falls National Park. Early evening drive to Jinja and spend the night.

June 21: Jinja. Spend the day four-wheeling along the mouth of the Nile River and through African Villages. R+R. Drive to Kampala early evening.

June 22: Drive the mission ground (3hrs). Drive back to Kampala and rest, visit with the Kampala folks.

June 23: Home visits with sponsored Compassion children/ Schools, visit more slums in Kampala.

June 24: Craft market/ Remand Home

June 25: Departure


I am still in need of some additional funds. If you may still be interested in offering a tax-deductible contribution for this trip it would be much appreciated! Fortunately, the balace of what is not raised will be covered by The Affero Project. But we would certainly like to retain as many resources as possible to keeping the organization up and running.

All contributions are tax deductible and checks can be made payable to The GO Network. Please mail your check along with the following information to my house and do not include my name on any portion of the check.

Name: ____________________________ Address: __________________________ City, State, Zip: ______________________ Email: ____________________________ Amount Donated: ____________________

Thank you again so much for all of your continued support and prayers!