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Update From Lira Uganda

Today we visited a couple of well projects with LifeWater International in Lira.  Very tiny villages with some extreme poverty and devastated families with children taken from them by the LRA.  Not a lot of hope there except for the water projects that help them avoid the terminal illnesses they were getting.  Amazing stuff. On the way to visit another well with LifeWater, their truck got stuck in the mud trying to cross a stream and made for an exciting event getting them out.   A lot of people from surrounding villages turned up to help out (I got a good bit of it on videotape).  We were eventually able to purchase a rope from a villager and tie their truck to ours and pull them out.  It was very funny!

There was a young couple, married two years, who were here as representatives of LifeWater.  Just came back from dinner with them.  In a hotel now (I got my own room tonight!) about to hit the sack.

I feel SOOOOO much better today! I think all of the rest I got last night really helped a lot.  Keep hearing stories about food poisoning and people getting sick from some food.  After some prodding, it seems to always be coming from chicken or beef!  Ha! Who's the genius non-meat-eater now!!  lol  ;)

Off to visit invisible childrentomorrow where a bunch of children were being kidnapped and forced into battle or prostitution.  Pretty heavy stuff.  It's been calm for a long while now since the LRA has been chased out, but the lingering emotional effects on the children and villages is very sad.  Will be good to see first hand.

Fortunately we have a short drive tomorrow (prob under 3hrs) so won't have to leave until 9am.  We're in a nice hotel here in Lira that will serve us breakfast tomorrow too (something we didn't get this morning).

Sorry I'm not able to post much video any more.  Internet is sometimes accessible but never very fast.  You are all constantly in my thoughts and missed very much!

P.S. --  As an update to my luggage situation... it looks like my bags never left the United States.  When I got transfered in Chicago from United Air to Continental, it looks as if they never moved my bags over.  Now, since I filed my claim with Kenya Airways, they are responsible for my baggage.  If it arrives at all, I imagine it will be about when we get back to Entebbe Airport next Tuesday.  Managing fine with the clothing/supplies I bought in Kampala.  Plus, Derek from Cure International yesterday gave me some clothes from his house too.  Thinking I'll give all of the clothing I procured here to somebody before I leave.