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Why I love today's musical landscape

A few minutes ago I came across this tweet from @Coldplay: "If you haven't downloaded Coldplay's free live album yet, you can still get it at".  This sounded cool to me, so I clicked the link, entered my @OtherInbox email address for Coldplay and was immediately taken to to the download page for the .zip file. This was so simple and easy to do that I thought I would retweet their post to share with my friends, to which some of my friends immediately retweeted as well.

But, the experience didn't end there for me.  I am on my laptop right now and my iTunes library lives on another hard drive which I am not currently connected to.  No worries, because all I want to really do is to listen to the songs on my iPhone.  So I fire up the Music Mover to add the tracks to my Lala collection (see picture below) to be able to listen to it on any computer or directly on my iPhone without having to sync anything (I can't actually talk about or show this aspect yet as the iPhone app is still in private beta. But if you want to sign up for access, check out their forums at But I think I can say as little as it's awesome!).

In the future, I could see these free giveaways becoming even easier by simply clicking on a link that a band shares and having it immediately link to my Lala or other music service account to add the tracks to my library.  The Celestial Jukebox isn't as far away as some may think it is... these are exciting times of innovation and I'm excited to be taking part!  Not only am I consuming far more music than I ever had in the past, with networking tools like these, it's making the experience much more social as well.
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