Introducing the Patrons of Change podcast. Conversations about rejecting the status quo. We'll explore topics including entrepreneurship, technology, philanthropy, social justice and other issues affecting our world and ways that we can make an impact. In this episode we simply spell out our intentions for this series and ask for your feedback and participation. So jump in and join the conversation!

  • 2:37 - Podcast Intentions
  • 3:16 - Tags Section Explained
  • 3:30 - Faxing is Dead
  • 7:22 - Servant Networking
  • 14:06 - Product (RED)
  • 19:02 - Main Topic: Podcast Introduction
  • 20:08 - Lucas' Background
  • 21:23 - How We Met
  • 22:11 - Marc's Background
  • 24:42 - User Feedback Request
  • 25:31 - Entrepreneurship Night
  • 30:27 - Contact Information

Please be sure to drop us an email to join the conversation at and give us a call at our voicemail line at (615) 212-2184, we'd love to hear from you!

Also if you're a founder of a business in Nashville, remember to come out and join us at our next Entrepreneurial Night which will be on Tuesday, January the 8th, 7:00pm at 725 Cool Springs Boulevard, 6th floor. We look forward to seeing you there!