Ian Cameron of OSCRE

OSCRE was started out of the commercial real estate sector based on the need to expand thee role of technology serving companies or service firms. A lot of progress was going to be needed and they recognized that standards was the oil to get the machine going. OSCRE focuses on best operations systems for the business, best practices, information management and technical standards. Its goal is to get the industry up to the 21st century standards.

Mike Bell of OSCRE

The future technology standards is in the integrated workplace management systems space. The ability to integrate data sets and elements across the workplace landscape is where we are going, but the industry will not go there without standards. These can be implemented through: collaboration with OSCRE, dialogue with vendors to support and embrace itand evangelizing it to user groups.

Roger de Boehmler from Pisces

Discussing the standards in the global marketplace, Roger DeBoehmler has seen that the level of global investment traffic has increased dramatically, all of which is reliant on some very unstructured data. What OSCRE is all about structuring that data that so you can deliver real performance reporting on real estate investments. This will drive a complete new level of efficiency in the marketplace. As more transparent the industry becomes, the more confidence there is to invest and everyone benefits.

Bob Murphy of Prudential

What is currently happening in the marketplace and also what Prudential is doing is looking at portfolio management systems, internet providers for content managers and international implementation that is multi-currency and multi-language. For Bob Murphy, he has now staff around the world, which in five years can raise the question of whether workers need to physically be at the office or work remotely.