Race the Trace

From WSMV the day before finishing:

"If you had to run 444 miles, you couldn't pick a more scenic backdrop than the historic Natchez Trace. Marc Krejci started that undertaking back in May (2011) to raise money for charity, and he says he'll finish it Saturday in Franklin.
Krejci planned to run the whole Trace at once, but he says he couldn't take that much time off work. So he's been running about 30 miles a day every weekend, then driving to pick up where he left off the following weekend.
"It was 17 days of running. As of tomorrow morning, I will have completed all 444 miles of the Natchez Trace," he said. Krejci says he prepared himself for the long run by changing his running style and going very basic. "I decided I wanted to become an ultra-runner. I went minimalist, I actually went barefoot. I actually shed my shoes and went barefoot running," he said.
Krejci plans to run the final four miles starting at the Historic Natchez Trace building in Franklin, and he has invited everyone to run alongside him, then join him at the Loveless Cafe. Supporters can meet up with him at the bridge at 7 a.m. Saturday."

Official Record

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The Journey

Along the way, I published a vlog that chronicled my progress along the way. You may click through below to see embedded videos and the GPS files of the runs, or watch through subscribing to an iTunes Podcast called "a RUN supreme" or via YouTube.

YouTube Playlist

Below are the first and last video from that series, but be sure to check out all of the videos in-between as it was quite the journey along the way!